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Diving Medical Practitioner (DMP)

Physician applicants for Diving Medical Practitioner (DMP) is an advanced certification which is secondary to Clinical Hyperbaric Practitioner (CHP). YOU MUST HAVE CHP prior to signing up for this course and it includes an on line BOARD EXAMINATION. DMP represents the second 40 hour course of instruction in a physician’s education and focuses on advanced diving technologies and treatments. This course teaches the medical use of oxygen at a level higher than atmospheric pressure and specializes in Hazardous Marine Life, Diving Medicine and Technical Diving maladies. Must be a MD, DO, or an ARNP working on the direct coordination of a DO or MD. The equipment required consists of a pressure chamber, which may be of rigid or flexible construction, and a means of delivering 100% oxygen. This is a 40 hour course in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine.