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To set up the Undersea Oxygen Clinic and the Think, “Better” brain injury recovery program, Dr. Dituri has invested tens of thousands of dollars of his own money.

But that’s just the beginning; veterans suffering from TBI or CTE can’t always afford to pay the $20,000 it costs for the treatment. You can help!

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As of March 1, 2023, Dr. Dituri has been living underwater for a world record breaking 100 days in part to draw attention to his ongoing life-saving research.

Dr. Joseph Dituri is living for 100 days in Jules’ Undersea Lodge, an underwater habitat submerged in a lagoon in Key Largo, Florida. During the entire stay he will conduct daily experiments in human physiology and demonstrate and use new technology.

Visit Dr. Dituri’s YouTube page for regular updates.

Media Coverage for Project Neptune

Dr. Dituri, aka Dr. Deep Sea, is making waves around the world. His 100-day undersea mission has been drawing world-wide attention to his medical and scientific research. We will continuously update this list of media coverage as new events occur. 
NPR: All Things Considered – March 2, 2023
WPLG Channel 10 Miami – March 7, 2023
iHeart Radio: Colonize the Ocean podcast – March 21, 2023
Fox 35 Orlando – March 22, 2023


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Florida Keys Free Press

How & Why This Man Plans to Live Underwater (Houston Public Media)

Georgia Public Broadcasting 3/07/2023

Scientist begins underwater stay (Southern Living Magazine)

Researcher Attempts to Set World Record by Living at Florida Underwater Hotel for 100 Days (NBC New York)

Retired Navy Officer Enters Florida Keys Undersea Lodge (Stars & Stripes newsletter)

Florida professor to live 100 days underwater to conduct medical research (La Prensa Latina Bilingual Media)

Researcher sets to break world record (Spectrum News 9)

ABC Action News Tampa


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South Florida Reporter

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Retired Navy officer enters Florida Keys undersea lodge (

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The Livingston Enterprise-Montana 3/01/2023

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Researcher begins 100-day stay at Florida underwater hotel (

USF researcher plans to live underwater for 100 days to study body’s response to extreme pressure Tampa Fox13 News

Citrus County Chronicle 3/01/2023

It will live 100 days underwater for scientific purposes

Researcher Begins 100-Day Stay at Florida Underwater Hotel

USF researcher attempts to set world record by living underwater for 100 days – hopes to emerge ‘super-human’ 

The Florida Keys & Key West

Keys Weekly, February 11, 2023

Florida Keys Free Press, January 25, 2023

This mission is being conducted in collaboration with the Marine Resources Development Foundation.
The International Board of Undersea Medicine is a major sponsor of the Project NEPTUNE 100 mission.

The Jules’ Undersea Lodge is located at the bottom of the Emerald Lagoon in Key Largo, Florida. It is 30 feet deep on the ocean floor and and is the only underwater hotel in the United States

UOC On WFLA News (Over The Years) Undersea Oxygen Clinic Team
It has been our privilege to be featured on WFLA News Channel 8 with Gayle Guyardo in Tampa, FL numerous times.  See below for links to our past stories.  And stay tuned for more!    

Hyperbaric medicine now being used for anti-aging – January 12, 2021   

Study underway to treat Covid-19 with hyperbaric medicine – January 8, 2021    

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