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Hyperbaric O2 Treats

  • Brain Injuries
  • Decompression Sickness
  • Long-haul COVID
  • Embolisms
  • Crush Injuries
  • Sever Anemia
  • Burn Injuries
  • Radiation Injuries
  • And much more

Let us train you to help people heal naturally!

World Class Training

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Exceptional Experience

Our Team Trains the Best of the Best

Led by Dr. Joseph Dituri, Ph.D., CDR US Navy (ret), our team trains the full spectrum of professionals in the industry; from people interested in starting in the field to those who are already seasoned experts looking to continue their education.

A Brain Injury Recovery Program

NOTE: Think “Better” is currently unavailable as we are setting up new clinic facilities. 

What it is
An experimental, non-pharmaceutical brain injury recovery program combining hyperbaric oxygen therapy and carefully chosen adjunctive therapies delivered during a condensed, 28-day outpatient program of high intensity healing and inflammation reduction.

Who it’s for
Designed specifically for military heroes and professional athletes suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) due to multiple concussions or who are coping with the aftermath of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
If your symptoms include PTSD, or depression, or an inability to regain your previous elite operator abilities, and if you are frustrated by the lack of meaningful treatment available to you, this program is for you.

A military hero’s results after participating in the
Think, “Better!” program

Watch, Learn, Get Inspired!

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The Saved
Watch this before and after Think, “Better” treatment patient stories
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The Soldier
Suffering from PTSD, veteran Larry Roberts talks about how it has been 30 years since he “felt this good!”
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The Spark
The moving and amazing origin story of the Think, “Better” program.
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The Sports Star
“I am Hercules now!” says retired NFL star Michael Clayton about his remarkable recovery after going through the Think, “Better” program.
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Felicia's Story
On the road to recovery from PTSD, an army veteran and active duty police office tells her story.
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The Study

Learn how the program works from Dr. Joseph Dituri and the medical team who collaborated to
create and deliver the Think, “Better” program.

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Greg's Story
An ex-football player and his family talk about how Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) has an insidious negative impact on the ailing person and their family. CTE is a brain condition linked to repeated head injuries and blows to the head.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) uses high pressure oxygen to treat a variety of health conditions and diseases. Each cell in the body needs oxygen to preserve, repair, and enhance function. Breathing 100% oxygen at pressures greater than sea level increases the amount of oxygen carried by the blood. This enables oxygen to be dissolved into the hard-to-reach plasma, lymph, and cerebrospinal fluids surrounding the brain and spinal cord, providing a greater opportunity for healing. It stimulates the growth of new blood vessels in locations with reduced circulation. HBOT reduces swelling, decreases inflammation, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the release of stem cells and improves the ability of the body to fight disease and infection.

Training for Professionals

We are a full-service education provider for hyperbaric and diving medicine.

Our team of instructors, and our training facilities are considered premier in the industry at an international level! Much of the curricula was written and developed by the specific instructors who will be teaching you. 

The courses we teach and/or the instructors who teach them are approved by: International Board of Undersea Medicine (IBUM), American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI), University of South Florida (USF),  International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD), Italian Society of Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine (SIMSI – Società Italiana di Medicina Subacquea e Iperbarica).

We are your pathway to certification via the International Board of Undersea Medicine.

Project Neptune 100 Biomedical Research Paper

Dr. Dituri is presenting his team’s research
results at the World Extreme Medicine
Conference on November 11 – 13, 2023.

A comprehensive research paper will be available early in February 2024.