Undersea Oxygen Clinic Services

Undersea Oxygen Clinic OfficeMario Caruso - Undersea Oxygen ClinicCommunity Service and Research: A portion of our facility is dedicated to Diving/Hyperbaric research with PhD/MD/DO staff members performing peer reviewed research published in scientific journals. We also offer Pro Bono research treatments.

Healing with Hyperbaric Oxygen: Our team of internationally recognized experts offer oxygen chamber treatments for conditions including smoke inhalation, gangrene, poorly healing wounds, crush injuries, anemia & many other indications.

24-Hour On-Call Emergency Services: Our team is available to ALL Florida Divers 24/7/365! If you suspect a diving injury, first call DAN for a consultation at 919-684-9111.  While others are closing chambers to divers, we are opening them!  We are a DAN-approved referral center!

AMA Cat 1 CME's and Hyperbaric Medical Training: Internationally acclaimed hyperbaric experts and authors of hyperbaric medicine books and medical journals, offer training to medical professionals around the globe.