About Undersea Oxygen Clinic

Undersea Oxygen Clinic TeamAbout Undersea Oxygen ClinicUsing Hyperbaric Oxygen to Heal - Divers Alert Network [24/7/365} Diver treatment facility Started by two friends with over 70 years experience in hyperbaric medicine!

Mario Caruso - CHT-A, DMT, EMT-P

I began my career in hyperbaric/diving medicine at NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) in Miami, FL in the early 1980's where I was trained as a Hyperbaric Technologist, Diver Medic, and Multiplace Chamber Operator. My Experience spans both multiplace and monoplace chamber operations as well as rescue diving operations. I'm also a graduate of the Broward Country Fire Academy and completed Training as an EMT/Paramedic at Miami-Dade College Medical Center Campus. I worked as a Firefighter/Paramedic and was attached to a fire dive rescue team. I'm a UHMS Hyperbaric Facility Accreditation Surveyor well versed in NFPA Codes; appointed to the NFPA Committee on Hyperbaric/Hypobaric facilities in 2007. I have authored many specialty courses and abstracts as well as presented at the UHMS Scientific meeting and Chapter meetings. I have consulted and trained staff at numerous hyperbaric medicine centers throughout the world. I am happy to be serving the Tampa Bay community (again).

Joseph Dituri - PhD (c), CDR, US Navy (ret)

I am a retired Navy Diving Saturation Officer with 28 years of service to this great country. I retired in 2013 and went back to school to earn a PhD in Biomedical Engineering so I could perform research on diving related maladies. I sit on the ABS committee for building Undersea Vehicles and Hyperbaric Systems and I am the author of numerous text books and peer-reviewed research articles. I also am a highly requested speaker and am happy to be lecturing regularly throughout the world. I am an instructor of hyperbaric physicians through the International Board of Undersea Medicine.